What Does The Color Purple Mean?

Have you ever wondered what the color purple means? Purple combines the stimulation of the color red and the calm of the color blue. It soothes the mind and nerves, uplifts the spirit, offers a sense of spirituality, and encourages creativity. Because of purple’s combination of warm and cool colors, it can evoke creativity and boost one’s imagination or it can cause moodiness and negativity. Purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition.

Different variations of purple can convey different meanings:

  • Light purples symbolize light-hearted, feminine energy, delicacy, and romance
  • Dark purples symbolize intellect and dignity
  • Bright purples symbolize riches and royalty

People whose favorite color is purple are often gentle, free spirits. They are usually very understanding, supportive, compassionate, and are the type of person others go to for help. The color purple inspires the imagination and dreams. Those who like purple are often generous givers, only wanting friendship in return. These people are also very ambitious with their dreams and desires, and often have a yearning to help others and the world at large.

Lupus patients embody the meaning behind the color purple everyday. They are inspiring individuals who, although battling with such a cruel and mysterious disease, have such uplifting and gentle spirits. Instead of constantly worrying about themselves and their needs, they often reach out to others who are faced with lupus in an attempt to create a powerful community of support and strength. Their creativity and ambition help to motivate those around them to take action in the fight against lupus. Lupus patients inspire everyone at LFACT to constantly find new and innovative means of raising lupus awareness. No one should ever have to feel as though they are blindly navigating their way through this disease. With support from lupus patients, doctors, family, friends, and foundations like LFACT no one will ever have to go through their journey with lupus alone.


Mission Impossible, Possible is Approaching!

T-Minus 1 Month until our 4th annual Mission Impossible, Possible: Murder Mystery Edition

Join The Lupus Foundation of America, Connecticut Chapter on April 23, 2015 at the Mark Twain House in Hartford from 6-9pm for our 4th annual Mission Impossible, Possible gala. Dress up in your most elegant cocktail attire and take an exciting murder mystery tour of the Mark Twain House while raising lupus awareness. The evening will be filled with mystery, intrigue, thrills, and adventure as you attempt to uncover whodunit. Along with amazing performances by members of the Sea Tea Improv comedy company, you’ll delight in an evening of dining and deception. Bring your friends and family to the Mark Twain House and work together to unravel this gripping murder mystery.

There are various ticket options for you to choose from:

  • Detective’s Tickets - $75.00/each
    • This covers the event only
  • Captain’s Tickets (VIP) – $125.00/each
    • This gives you early admission; Captain’s Champagne Toast; First class beverages and hors d’ouvres
  • Private Investigator’s Package – $1,000.000
    • This gives you 10 Captains Tickets which include all of the perks listed above
    • This package saves you $250.000 if you choose to bring a large party

Keep in mind that you must register for this amazing event by April 17th but the sooner you register, the better! Please click here to register.

Contest: We’re also starting an exciting contest to spread the word of this event and to make everyone eager to join by keeping track of anyone who shares and/or likes our posts regarding Mission Impossible, Possible. On Tuesday, April 14th, we will announce the winner with the most activity (likes, comments, shares) and they will receive two VIP tickets to Mission Impossible, Possible.

For more information on this evening of treachery, contact the office at: (860) 269 – 6240 or simply visit our website.

We hope to see you all at the scene of the crime!


TGI Friday’s Benefit Night!

Feeling hungry? Looking for an enjoyable evening out with friends and family? Then come join the Lupus Foundation of America, Connecticut Chapter for a TGI Friday’s Benefit Night on Monday, April 13th from 4pm-12am. Stop by TGI Friday’s in Newington (3025 Berlin Turnpike) and when you present our Benefit Night flyer, 20% of sales will benefit us at LFACT. Help us take action against Lupus by enjoying endless apps, mouthwatering food, and delectable drinks. With your support we can help get one step closer to solving the cruel mystery that is Lupus.

We hope to see you there for a fun night of dining!

To print our Benefit Night flyer or to learn more about this wonderful event please click here.


Mission Impossible, Possible: Murder Mystery Edition

It’s that time of year again – our fourth annual Mission Impossible, Possible gala is approaching and we want to see you there! This year’s theme is murder mystery, so prepare yourself for an exciting evening of dining, investigating and of course – raising lupus awareness.

Where: The Mark Twain House in Hartford

When: Thursday, April 23 from 6-9PM

Main event: Murder Mystery tour of Mark Twain House performed by Sea Tea Improv

Ticket options: Captain’s (VIP)-$125 each; Detective’s -$75 each; Private Investigator’s package -10 Captain’s tickets for $1,000

You can register here – registration is required by April 02 (the sooner you register, the better!) For more information regarding the event, please see our website. We hope to see you all at the scene of the crime!


LFACT Sweet Frog Fundraiser

What’s better than enjoying a cup of frozen yogurt? Raising lupus awareness while doing so! Come join the Lupus Foundation of America, Connecticut Chapter at our Sweet Frog fundraiser and help spread the word.

What: Sweet Frog will be donating 10% of their sales to LFACT

Where: Sweet Frog West Hartford, 13 South Main Street, West Hartford, CT 06107

When: Monday March 23rd from 6-9PM

Mark those calendars & we hope to see you there!


Medical and Scientific Advisory Council Dinner 2015

On March 4, the Lupus Foundation of America, Connecticut Chapter held its annual Medical and Scientific Advisory Council dinner at the Town & Country Club in Hartford. It was a night of learning and sharing new ideas in the journey of solving the mystery of lupus. Among the attendees were doctors from Saint Francis, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, UCONN and Hartford.

The night started off with President & CEO Michael Tommasi welcoming everyone and introducing the new members. Dr. Anne Parke then gave an update on the new research and clinical trials currently going on.

Proceeding Parke’s update were a few of the Chapter’s own updates, including the Grand Rounds, upcoming spring events (Mission Impossible, Possible – don’t forget to register!) and the “Ask the Experts” Teleconference Series. Some of National’s updates were touched on, such as grant opportunities, including the grant extension for Insight Prize and the LRI/Lupus Alliance.

As always, the evening was memorable. We truly appreciate all of those who attended last night. It is great seeing people dedicate so much of their time to solve the cruel mystery of lupus!

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2015 Volunteer Recognition Dinner

On Thursday, February 19, volunteers and board members of the Lupus Foundation of America Connecticut Chapter gathered at the Governor’s Residence in Hartford for our Volunteer Recognition Dinner. It was a night devoted to acknowledging and showing our appreciation to all of those who contribute their ongoing support in solving the cruel mystery of lupus. Our volunteers are very important to us, and we want them to know that!

Throughout our night of “thanks,” guests were able to dine and mingle with one another. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces, as well as meet new people. Two guests were honored at the dinner: event photographer Bill Shea and volunteer Sharon Wygonowski. Their support and efforts have truly made a difference, along with the rest of our volunteers.

To learn more about getting involved, visit our website:


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