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Remembering Marilyn

Today, we remember an amazing woman and the founder of the Lupus Foundation of America, Connecticut Chapter, Marilyn Sousa. With her passion and determination, Marilyn dedicated her life to making a difference in the lives of so many suffering from the cruel mystery of lupus. On the one year anniversary of her passing we look back on her life of advocacy and remember her wonderful spirit!

Marilyn founded the Connecticut Chapter over 42 years ago. With its humble beginnings, Marilyn, a lupus patient herself, held small support group meetings in her living room. In May 1973, the Lupus Foundation of America, Connecticut Chapter was officially founded. Marilyn and her husband Gordon were also extremely influential in the founding of the Lupus Foundation as a national organization. She served on the Foundation’s national board of directors for many years and held several officer positions. In addition, she served as chair and liaison for our chapter’s Medical Scientific & Advisory Council.  Her dedication to the LFA from its founding up until her passing was remarkable.

Marilyn was best known for her work with the International Associated Groups Program, where she helped organize lupus groups around the world. In 2001, Lupus Canada recognized Marilyn for her assistance in helping establish their organization in 1986 by presenting her with the “Volunteer Recognition Award”.

The Lupus Foundation recognized Marilyn for her many years of dedication and service by honoring her with the Foundation’s highest honor, the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Summa Award. Additionally, the Foundation’s Board of Directors appointed Marilyn to be one of only two Lifetime Honorary Members of the Board.

These are just a few of the many awards Marilyn received for her civic and volunteer efforts. She received 16 national awards, including being named as a national finalist for the prestigious Jefferson Leadership Award. She also received the “Women Who Dare to Make a Difference” Award from the Council of Jewish Women, and the Leadership Council Award. She was recognized for her leadership in community medicine for her educational contributions.

Throughout her life, Marilyn offered support, encouragement, and guidance to patients and their families. Her beautiful spirit offered hope to the lupus community when it was needed most. She showed us that one person can make a difference- thank you Marilyn, we miss you!


Weight Gain and Lupus

Many lupus patients are prescribed Prednisone, a steroid that calms the immune system. Unfortunately, Prednisone comes with some side effects that lead to weight gain. Many patients experience an increased appetite and fluid retention, which makes the face and other body parts appear puffy. Here are some tips to combat these side effects and avoid weight gain.

A Healthy Diet is Everything: For lupus patients when exercise can be difficult, a healthy diet is essential to keep your weight in check. Make sure you’re eating enough fruits and veggies and stick to low fat proteins such as fish and chicken.

Keep a Food Diary: Writing down what you eat every day makes you more aware of what you’re putting into your body. By doing so you are more likely to stick to your healthy choices!

Plan What You Eat: Since steroids increase appetite, avoid overeating by following a schedule. Plan what you eat in advance and focus on smaller meals 3 to 5 times a day.

Exercise if it’s Right for You: If you are able, exercise is also a vital part of any healthy diet. Talk with your doctor about a program that works for you.


Make Your Own Lupus Comfort Kit

Whether you’re out with friends, on vacation with family, at work, or even running errands, you never know when you may experience a flare. The Connecticut Chapter has got you covered! Stay prepared with your very own lupus comfort kit! Fill a small bag with items you know you’ll need to ease the pain and feel better. Keep it with you in your purse, the car, or wherever it will be easily accessible when you’re on the go! Here are some items we recommend including in your kit…

If you’re experiencing a flare, lemons help to flush out the body and reduce swelling. Add some sliced lemons to your water and sip throughout the day to stay hydrated!

Healthy Snacks
The last thing you want to do when you’re not feeling great is to put unhealthy food into you’re body. If you’re having a difficult day make sure your lupus kit is stocked with healthy snacks like veggies and hummus, mixed nuts such as almonds and cashews, assorted berries, or sweet potato chips.

Pain Relievers
Make sure you always have something on hand. Along with keeping your prescriptions with you, medicines like Advil can help alleviate some of your pain and keep you comfortable. Remember to check with your doctor first and see which medicines are okay for you!

Heating Pads
For that deep and uncomfortable pain, soothe the sore spot with a heating pad. They are portable and easy to use, so make sure you have one in your comfort kit at all times!

These are just a few of our suggestions, so make sure to include what works best for you!


Never Too Early To Start Fundraising!

It’s never too early to start fundraising for our two Walk to End Lupus Now’s this fall! Our West Haven Walk to End Lupus Now is right around the corner! Join us on September 13th at Savin Rock Beach for a day of fun for the whole family! We encourage you to make your teams early and start raising money with some of these summer fundraising ideas!

Host a BBQ or Potluck

Did you know July is national grilling month? so What better way to raise money than hosting a Barbeque or Potluck! Have family and friends over and have then bring some of their favorite dishes! Encourage guests to donate to your fundraising efforts.

Get the Neighbors Involved by Hosting a Block Party

Summer block parties combine all the wonderful things you love about summer right on your street! Contact your neighbors and have everyone pitch in. Have a barbeque, fireworks, and live music! You can even set up a sprinkler, water balloons, or a slip n slide for a hot day! Charge a small fee to attend or encourage donations.

Hold a Group Tag Sale

Get rid of all that junk in your basement and hold a tag sale! Have your friends and family bring their junk too and make it a group effort! Make sure to advertise that the funds raised will be donated!

Sell Some Lemonade

Nothing is better than a good old fashioned lemonade stand to raise some money! Get the kids involved, make some lemonade, set up on a popular corner, and have fun! This idea is especially good for a hot summer day- no one can resist homemade lemonade for a good cause!
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Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Need a good laugh? LFACT is here to help!

Someone asks you, “What is lupus?”


Trying to explain it…

explainging something

Someone says, “but you don’t look sick…”

hitting head

When vegetables just don’t cut it …



Then you immediately regret that decision


Getting up in the morning

polar bear

When your exercises aren’t low impact


Despite all this you realize you are a stronger person because of lupus


Keep Calm and Fight Lupus

Keep the stress down this Monday with a relaxation playlist from LFACT. Physical and emotional stress are among suspected triggers that can lead to lupus flares. Therefore, it is very important to keep the stress levels low and stay calm! If you’re feeling overwhelmed this Monday, find us on Spotify for a playlist to calm you’re nerves!