The 12 Best Pieces of Non-Medical Advice People with Lupus Have Received

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Although each and every case of lupus affects it’s patient differently, typically the Invisible-Illnesses-8symptoms include: fatigue, skin rashes, swollen and painful joints, unusual hair loss and a high fever. Some people with lupus experience brain fog, kidney problems (or issues with various other internal organs), or even may be susceptible to premature heart disease. Because lupus is an autoimmune illness, it comes and goes in the form of flares and periods of remission. It’s an extremely unpredictable and cruel disease. With a lupus diagnosis, comes  numerous prescriptions hidden within medical jargon and statistics that are hard to understand. and the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation to ask their community for the best non-medical advice they have received regarding their lupus. Here’s what they had to say:

  1. “Don’t fight the tiredness!” – Lisa Walker
  2. “Get involved in a support group.” – Tonya Brown
  3. “Never feel bad for saying ‘no’ to something.” – Meagan Burks
  4. “Listen to your body.” – Lesley Watkins
  5. “With lupus, you ‘don’t look sick’ so if a doctor doesn’t listen to your complaints or take you seriously, get another opinion. It’s your body and you know when something is wrong with it! Don’t let doctors brush your symptoms off and make you feel like a hypochondriac.” – Tammy Wendt
  6. “It’s good to take naps.” – Pamela Rich
  7. “Do what you can when you can.” – Vanessa Johnson
  8. “Know your limits.” – Lucy Piccoletti
  9. “You are not your disease. Do not allow it to overcome you or define who you are as a person. You are more than just your illness.” – Mary Rebecca Frazier
  10. “Do not be afraid to change plans if you just can’t do it.” – Jen Laura Lopez
  11. “My favorite advice has been ‘eat pure food, drink pure water, get enough rest, take gentle exercise, and most importantly keep a happy mind.’ This advice reminds me to be gentle, compassionate and wise towards myself.” – Chogma Kelsang
  12. “Be kind to yourself and rest when your body is screaming out for some.” – Victoria Sinclair

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